Civil War Currency

This page is intended to bring together resources relating to currency from the Civil War era. It includes web resources, books and journal articles, and images. Not all of the material that we have listed (i.e. books and journal articles) is available on-line. You will have to contact your local public or academic library to gain access to those materials. We have organized the resources so that you may access them in several different ways:

Union By clicking on the "Union" link you will find materials that deal specifically with currency issued from the Union during the Civil War period, and the political issues that surrounded it. The "Confederate" link will take you to materials related to currency issued from the Confederacy as well as monetary political issues that the Confederacy faced.
Coins The "Coins" and "Paper Currency" links each present detailed information on images, books, journal articles, and web resources that relate to the creation and use of paper and coin currency from 1861 to 1865.
Paper Currency
Image Index Clicking on the "Image Index" link will take you to a collection of images of money commissioned during the Civil War, with descriptive metadata accompanying each image.
Subject Index for Books and Journals The "Subject Index" link will take you to an index of all the subject headings we have used to catalog our books and journals. Each of those headings is linked to the materials that cover the subject.
Author Index for Books and Journals The "Author" link will take you to an index of all authors on this site and their relevant publications.
Books and Journals The "Books & Journals" link will take you to an alphabetical listing of all the monograph and journal resources in our library that deal with Civil War Currency. From this list you can access more detailed descriptions of the books, as well as abstracts.
Web Resources Clicking on "Web Resources" will take you to a list of links to many of the websites where information was gathered for this Civil War digital library.
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