Recent/Active Endeavors

Council of Elrond - I guess you can consider it my magnum opus -- 50,000 members, 10,000 images, and over a gig of written content from myself, my staff, and many site members. It doesn't get as much visitorship now that the movies are over, but we're still struggling along.

Lavender Eyes - another fansite, this time devoted to a Forgotten Realms character. I don't devote much time to this site nowadays, but mostly leave the running of it to my staff.

Auction Site Search - just something I threw together one day when I got annoyed with Ebay's new seller policies.

Old Projects

Efiction - a fanfiction archiving script. I wrote the first version of it, and then passed it on to new developers when I no longer had the time to maintain it. They've completely updated it and are doing a wonderful job with it.

Beauty & the Beast - one of my very earliest websites. It had some excellent resources on it back in the day, but is hopelessly outdated at this point.

Orodruin - my old open-source script site. If you're looking for the fanfiction, recipes, or encyclopedia modules for Postnuke, then sorry, you're out of luck :) The site is now defunct.


Who am I? A person that spends far too much time on the computer, either reading forums and websites, or programming for fun. I need a life.