Class Projects

Santa Monica College (2004)

I haven't bothered to put up much of my homework from SMC. Maybe I will later.

CS 80 - Introduction to Internet Programming. We're required to have a website to display our lab work.

Grad School - UCLA (1999 - 2001)

This stuff is really, really old and not particularly interesting, but go ahead and look if you want.

IS 201 - We were asked to create a working database, focusing on organization and ease of use. The subject matter is Civil War Currency. Please note that none of the images work, because of space issues.

IS 289 - I had to make a tool that would address the information needs of a multicultural community. It has two focuses: Addressing the health needs of specific minorities/ethnicities, and informing health providers of cultural issues/beliefs that they should be aware of when helping people of other cultures.





Who am I? A person that spends far too much time on the computer, either reading forums and websites, or programming for fun. I need a life.